Resolutions Therapy

Rachel Coleman Dip CAH, Dip HPD, PNLP, Dip Couns, EMDR

Rachel Coleman - Resolutions Therapy - 


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Welcome, If you are looking to make changes in your life, to deal with something that has been bothering you or causing you emotional pain and distress, then I may be able to help. I offer a professional and sensitive approach to all my clients and bring over 20 years of experience to my private practice.  


I specialise in Hypnotherapy and EMDR and will work with you to address your difficulties with either approach or, where appropriate, I will work with you with an integrated approach.  


There is a large amount of evidence and research that shows that both Hypnotherapy and EMDR help with a wide range of problems. Stress, Trauma, Pain Management, Phantom limb pain, Anxiety, and Phobias are all areas where Hypnotherapy and EMDR have been used with success. Utilising either one of the techniques can help, being able to use both, or a combined approach can further increase the chances of success.


Additionally Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss, I am trained in the Release me weight loss programme, developed by Rae Jenson,  this offers a 3/6/9/12 session programme to help address underlying issues and lose weight.  I am also a licensed Practioner of the Hypno-band Weight Loss System.